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The educational approach we use was pioneered by Dr. Maria Montessori, an Italian physician who, through careful observation and extensive research, concluded that every young child possesses a naturally curious and absorbent mind. Allowing young students some latitude in exploring subjects of interest to them resulted in a far greater motivation for learning, Dr. Montessori discovered.

Montessori Math Seminar
Summer 2021
July 26 – August 6
9am – 3pm
Led by Susan Bakel Cohn
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Wichita Montessori School

We are a school that combines highly–respected Montessori teaching methods with other proven education practices to develop 21st-century skills, the core elements of knowledge, and the richest learning experience possible for children ages 3 to 11.

Wichita Montessori School

(On The Independent School Campus)

8311 East Douglas Ave.
Wichita, Kansas 67207
(316) 686-7265