What Others Say About WMS

"WMS is a socially agreeable environment. The small class size provides a manageable setting allowing the children to feel comfortable building bonds of friendship; both quiet kids and outgoing kids can interact and connect in a meaningful way. WMS teachers are aware of how the changing social dynamics of childhood influence our children's behavior and work to help the kids understand them. They foster positive interactions and there is zero tolerance of anti-social behaviors, whether in the classroom or during recess. Teasing, bullying, baiting, and ostracizing are not viewed as "just kid stuff" at WMS — the behaviors are not tolerated. In addition, through WMS piggybacking on programs with The Independent School, students are given opportunities to expand their interests beyond WMS offerings."

Scott & Tammy Wagner
Parents of WMS Graduates

"Malhar frequently surprises us by his willingness to try new things or take on ambitious projects without hesitation. One example was a play he wrote in the third grade. He cast his classmates and produced the play with support from his teachers and classmates. This involved several rehearsals and a film of the final performance. Of all the things he learned that year, we think that this experience was most valuable for him. WMS seems to inspire in students a motivation to learn. Children's natural curiousity is encouraged and developed, and the teachers provide an environment where the students feel comfortable challenging themselves."

Sita Likhite
Mother of WMS Student

"The first child to count to 100 is not necessarily going to be the child that goes to the best college. The first child to do long division is not the one most likely to get a PhD. The child who can embrace learning on his own, the child who is free to learn in his best way, is the child who will have greatest academic success. My three children have flourished in the WMS classrooms. They read for pleasure. They do math with alacrity. They impress me with explanations of science. They have very good friends. They love their teachers and they love their school."

Tom Severs
Father of 3 WMS Students

"I was wowed when Ella came home after her first week at preschool and wanted to sit and review the continents and world's oceans with me on her globe. I think that many private schools lay claim to great learning achievements in their classrooms. It is easy to teach the gifted student. By this I am not impressed. I am moved by the teachers who can find the gifts in the unassuming student. In short, WMS is a gift finding school."

Courtney Malzahn Darrah
WMS Alumni and Mother of WMS Student

"My son has had an incredible experience at Wichita Montessori School. I have watched his sense of self bloom and can see how comfortable he is not only in his environment at school, but in many social situations outside school. I am always amazed too, at how patient he is when trying something new and uses multiple ways to figure it out. I believe Wichita Montessori School has developed life long learning skills in my son that will continue to guide his educational experience for years to come. It is an incredible gift that Wichita Montessori School possesses and you will see everyday being shared!"

Lisa Stowe

"We feel fortunate to have had both our sons go through their first 5 years of school at WMS. Insightful teacher observations and attention helped us recognize their strengths. Traditions like good attention helped us recognize their strengths. Traditions like good morning greetings, holiday celebrations and local service projects grew our connections with our school and community and created great memories."

Kelley O'Hara
Mother of 2 WMS Graduates