Where is your child in their educational development?
Where do you want them to go?

At Wichita Montessori School, students are grouped into three-year cycles of learning. Children ages 3-6 participate in our Primary / Kindergarten Program. Children ages 6 – 9 participate in the Lower Elementary learning program. Upper Elementary is designed for children ages 9 – 11.  In addition to our Montessori curriculum, students are instructed in French, Spanish, art, music, physical education, and science.


A Montessori-based education is designed to meet the needs and provide a framework of learning for every child at every level. To be certain each child will be challenged, Dr. Montessori encouraged educators to never be afraid to give children sophisticated academics. With appropriate materials, presentations, and supportive, caring teachers, children can learn difficult subject matter that is often presumed to be appropriate for much older students.

The classroom environment respects and protects the child’s rhythm of life. It is a calm, ordered space that matches the child’s level of activity. Classrooms are colorful, warm, welcoming, calming, and beautiful.

The prepared environment, along with a trained guide (a Montessori teaching professional) and an innate sense of order, comprise the “laboratory” in which children experiment and grow.